Only in My Dreams

The first time it was a loathing,

I saw your face,

Just another normal guy,

Now, well now it’s different,

I see you for real,

Through my changed eyes,

I listened to your lyrics and saw where the truth lies.


I’m falling into that disease again,

The unreal one with all the fairy tales and happy ends,

The one where you sing me to sleep every night,

But in the real world you aren’t there to say good-bye,

Only in my dreams.


You sing about holding my hand and going everywhere to show me the world,

You sing about going pass the universe,

Seeing the stars that spell out I love you,

But in the real world you don’t know me at all,

In fact I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t catch me if I fall.


But maybe someday you’ll notice me,

Or maybe I should stop dreaming.




The End

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