This tapestry of sky can't hold us.

I am cloud-heavy, tethered to air

You are in the driver's seat, anchored to metal

And there are poems thrumming at my veins

Itching to get out

There are songs beating against my teeth

But I keep forgetting the tune

So I sing along to the radio instead

Watching while pretending not to watch

The buzz of your lips as you sing along, too

Driving with no destination, we drive endlessly

Until the horizon begins to repeat itself

This tapestry of sky can't hold us

Its indigo threads bleeding expectation and regret

So we tumble down


Into this waltz of second-guessing and you-first-then-me

Knowing somehow without knowing the steps

Somewhere between sunrise and sunset

I fall asleep

The murmur of your voice barely audible

Over the stereo

The last thing I remember is the feel of sunlight

Warm on my upturned face.




The End

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