Given a handful of stones

And several casualties,

In a broken down town square

You married me, that day.

On a ground adorned with the reddest silk

That I ever did see.

With petals falling silently

While children wept,


I took you aside,

We couldn't watch the bridesmaids dance,

We couldn't bare the pain.

Happiness, a stone for every name.


In shady, quiet spot

Beneath an old oak tree

Ripened fruit fell at our feet

And you bequeathed yourself to me.

We lay there for hours

We counted every star

But when morning came, we went back to town

And I gave you away


A marriage made in silent vows

Tokens of stone exchanged.

They've hurt, beaten and broken you

And I have done the same.


Our pride,

It is our shame

The End

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