this shirt does not hide my curves.

it sucks being genderfluid and looking so DAMN FEMININE

my hair goes past my collarbones, 
a golden-brown color tinged with red
and my hipbones scream, 
pay attention to me!
as my wait cinches in tight, 
it gives me an hourglass figure.
my chest's substantial, 
i have the body of a woman. 

i hate it. 
do you know how hard it is to hide that?
how difficult it it to hide your hair under a hat?
how trying it is to hide your chest?
because sure, sometimes i'm thankful 
for it as i slip on a dress but sometimes i try to find
a pair of shorts that aren't feminine and i can't.
and i want to say that i want my hair short
and i cannot get the words out.

sometimes i hate this. 
sometimes i hate that my mind
will not decide on a gender,
while my body is steadfast
in trying to define me as a girl. 

The End

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