This poem

Encouragement for those that go through any form of suffering and pain. Those who believe in the power of God and understand that being patient with him means his planning something big for the future.

This poem is for those who aren't immune to pain, those who get hurt in the soul, mind and heart

This poem is for those who feel worthless and unloved, those who swallow nasty rumours and consume discrimination

This poem is for those who have a father figure and have no mother to turn to, those who sit alone and allow a broken heart to take the need for love away

This poem is for people like me, those that haven't yet found themselves and feel as if the world is too big to conquer

This poem is for those who have faced different storms but understand that pain is temporary

This poem is for those who believe in dreams, this who cling onto hope that even in our darkest days God will shine the light of his grace upon us tomorrow


The End

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