Your Present Shall Be Your Past.Mature

I think I understand now.

How this all will work out and how I can move on.

I keep looking back, wanting the past to be my present.

All the while hurting those I love, and pushing away the help.

If I keep this up, my present will soon become my past.

I'll wish for my present.

I'll wish for my friends.

I'll wish for my family.

The people I have right now with me.

Its worthless so wish for the past.

Its worthless to wish for those who are long gone.

So that'll be my pull.

I will heal.

Not only because its good for me, but for the sake of the people I love.

I know it won't be easy.

I know I'll still feel confused, pained, and angry.

But I think its worth it.

The End

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