I AmMature

Right now I just am.

Wasting my precious life away.

I love.

I love those who don't love me the same.

I live.

I live while wanting to die.

I want.

I want to move on but I don't know how.

I regret.

I regret the times I've missed.

I hurt.

I feel pain for the people I have lost.

I harm.

I harm those I love and harm myself.

I cry.

I cry for the pain I can't understand.

I hide.

I hide those emotions everyone scorns.

I pretend.

I pretend I am just fine.

I lie.

I lie that I'm doing ok.


I don't understand. 

Isn't life so much more than this?

This endless cycle of pain?

Why can't I seem to find the end?

Is there even an end? 

The End

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