Beneath it AllMature

My strong face.

My happy mask.

My delightful air.

Is about to be put into full gear.

But underneath it all.

The masquerade of hidden emotions.


There's a girl.

A lost, lonely, desperate, helpless girl.


Hurting herself with her own thoughts.

Pleading with someone to hear her.

But nobody will.


They say to move on.

So she cries alone.

 More pain in her heart than ever before.

But in her room she cries.

More tears than ever before.

Nobody can hear them or see them.

Her heart cries constantly.

Seeking what is once knew.


Its time to move on they say.

But its so much easier said than done.

How do you pick the pieces up?

How do you decide your going to move on?

Riddle me this!

Do you have the answer?

Because people keep telling me what I need to do......

But none give me the path to take.

The End

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