Sick EnoughMature

Just a few more heartaches.

Just a few more pounds.

Just a little more pain.

Just a little bit more blood.

Just a little farther into the darkness.

I want to be sick enough.

I don't deserve healing.

Who was I to think I ever was worth it?

I am making up the pain, so I'll add just a little more.

So I'll remain here, more stuck than I was before.

Just suck it up, hide it a little more.

Who cares what I feel?

Its bad I know, but I can't seem to believe in healing.

Take me a little farther into that tantalizing gloom.

Screaming that I must to be sick enough.

And when they all find out, how sick I've become.

What will they do?

Will they mourn, will they blame, will they wonder what happened? 

Will they start to go down the path I am on?

I must be sick enough.

I must be sick enough. 

I must be sick enough.

I must be sick enough.

I don't deserve healing, because I don't need it.

So I'll get a little worse, then maybe, just maybe.

I'll be sick enough. 


But by then.....will I be damaged beyond repair? 

The End

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