believe in the fantasyMature

I thought there would be peace.

I thought I would be at rest with myself.

I thought that magically everything would work out.

I thought I would love myself.

Like a fairy tale, or a movie of some such.

Within a simple twenty-four hours.

How could I let myself raise my hopes?

It has sunken me so low. 

Will I ever raise my head up again? 

I hold back the tears, telling myself I'm strong.

But I'm dying inside.

And I can't stop this agony.

I never want to hope again.

Hope has let me down.

Love and trust have dashed my heart to the pavement.

There will never be that childlike faith in a me again.

So where do I go from here?

Where is the end?

When will the madness end? 

The End

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