I've never told anybody of my fear for the night.

I've never told them how much I dread the dark, how I wish to draw out the day.

But usually the day is so harrowing that I welcome the solace of the night.

See the sky fade into pinkish-purple colors, shivers crawl down my spine.

Sleep doesn't come to me.

Alone, utterly alone.

My own choice, I don't want to be a burden.

So I'll welcome the cheerless black.

The blanket of darkness, because I deserve it.

This state of mind is like coming home.

Staring at a screen.

Like this will be my window to ignoring the darkness.

But I know it and I see it.

Sighing, shutting myself off from the world yet again.

Open the window, breathe in the night.

Hoping the inky black sky will transport me somewhere I want to be.




I watch the clock. 

Slowly go by, minute by minute.

Tears fall to my pillow, sobs of agonizing pain. 

Saltwater fills my eyes as I exhaust myself to sleep.

But no! 

You know what comes in sleep!


The things that dreamers of dreamers couldn't understand.

Fight off the sleepiness.


Can't keep this up much longer.

Nodding head, gently drifting off into unwelcomed slumber.

Shaking, seeing what I have seen.

Waking up, shaking and crying.

Nausea has overcome my body.

The images will never leave my mind.

Like a searing iron.

So I whisper what I had forgotten to whisper, my mind cloudy with anxious thoughts.

He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.

No more nightmares.

Just unsettled sleep. 

The End

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