Windowsill to FreedomMature

I will keep my bedroom window open tonight, the stars will shine upon me and the rainy air wisp into my room.

Maybe tomorrow I will keep the window closed, the heavens forbidden to look upon me.

But who knows.

This is the only decision I let myself decided upon that I let

No man.

No thought process.

No second-guessing my words, my actions.

No worrying. 

Choose for me.

I let myself be free in this small way.

If I keep my window open or closed at night.

It makes me giddy with excitement.

That I have this small freedom.

I don't worry about any domino effect, what effect my words or actions will have on those I love.

Because every step I make, every word I say, effects somebody in someway.

Either way I hurt somebody.

But I hurt nobody by keeping my window open at night.

So slowly, but surely.

I'll let myself go.

I'll let myself say what I feel

I'll do what I want.

I will worry less of what they think, and more of how it makes me feel. 

I know it sounds selfish.

I know it sounds proud.

But to someone who is constantly pressured to say and do the right thing.

It sounds like heaven.

The End

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