Happy BirthdayMature

I wrote this when I turned 16......and received not a card, not a note, nothing from my Dad. I was pretty upset and emotionally a wreck.....thus this poem. 

I blow out the candles and watch the lights flicker.

Its my first birthday without him.

He meant so much to me.

I smile and laugh for the sake of my family.

I won't let them see my pain.

Some tears, a few failures, and the pain is lessened.

Her eyes hold the story of a fatherless daughter.

I miss him, yet I hate him.

I despise him for loving me, then dashing my trust to the pavement.

There is no escape from bitterness.

Let it go.

It won't help you.

I can't trust.

Everybody will hurt me.

Trust me.

The End

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