This Place of WanderingMature

So I realized I have a good handful of poems on Protag, and I needed a place I could just write poems. Thus "The Place of Wandering" because I know I'll have happy, sad, angry, confused, every emotion in the book.
I'm wandering around trying to find myself.

This place of wandering.

Desolate and bare.

Cat-calls from the sidelines.

Waiting for me to give up and fail.

But here I stand.

And here I'll remain.

In this place of wandering.

This place of shame. 

I don't long to be here.

But who can set me free?

So here I wonder and wander. 

Alone in my imperfection. 

My insecurities.

Only here will I show who I can truly be. 

Will you love me the same?

Or will you give up on me? 

The choice is yours. 

But I choose to try to be free. 

The End

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