The Kaleidoscope Painting

I wished as a child to be a guardian

A protector of life

That dream was pure, and simple

And impossible to reach


I then slipped along the cracks in the staircase

Tripping and falling miserably into professions I had to force myself to enjoy for a paycheck

I became a shadow to religion, a banshee crying out


Hear me

See me

Eat me

Drink Me


I have seen thousands of works, hated almost all of them

But was jealous because their authors wrote more than I


And it was within those carcasses of abandoned work

Of your lyrical genius milady, which you call a corpse

That rebirthed my attempt at being a writer.


Even if my rhyme. rhythm and meter,

Is dictated by a dying heart on a EKG

You’re the reason I keep writing


This pixilated view flickers like a kaleidoscope painting

Realizing the truth

We are the forgotten youth



polite to a fault,

somewhat blind-sided to the wind,

and god, are we stubborn.”


But we are the future

And we are poets

The End

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