This Time No More

It takes time to heal

Time to realise what has happened

And while you are gone now

I still expect to see you each time I turn the corner


It takes time to let it all sink in

To see for myself that you won’t be around anymore

No more laughter

No more scolding looks

And no more stories of my day

No more repeating the weeks drama and gossip

I need this time for my heart to slow from it’s fastened pace

I want this time for myself to understand this cold pain

the now empty space the pieces of my heart use to reside

Pieces that have been beaten so badly they are just gone

No more.


And I finally know through this maze of up and down, side to side

That my screaming is useless and your voice will no longer appear to guide me

Will no longer pull me through the narrow paths I struggle down.


And I needed this time to process and grieve

However the tears won’t come, they burn my eyes but don’t fall

Because falling means believing

Crying makes it real, means there is something to be sad about.


No more hiding, no more ignoring

And if we’re being honest,

I’m rather scared,

No more me.

The End

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