Tidal Wave

Choking on the words that spill out

burning your throat, fighting crawling forcing you to say them.

Holding you in place as you stutter over a coherent reply while you shake in rage

and why are you angry

why are you feeling like all you can do is punch the wall or scream at people

scream to the air

screaming to be heard by the one person you need to hear you

the person who left and while you try your hardest you’re still pissed

and this boils over on to everything you do

your blocked, you can’t write, these words create a dam waiting to rush out

waiting for you to stop being mad and start feeling the pain

the blinding flash that instantly takes away your will

and all you manage to do is fall to your knees and let the wave pull you under

Sometimes it’s all you can do

when this turmoil turns you upside down

and this world has you spinning round and round

and you feel as though you’ll drown

even as you grasp the air that surrounds you

and you’re just pulled under more

the harder you fight it the faster you to go under

Sometimes all you can do is grab a pencil and paper and write

no matter how bad

no matter how mixed up

to force the words out and ride this pain as easily as you can

hoping the words will be a raft that will carry you through the tides

and while your tears mix with this lack of air

as your lungs fight pull oxygen from anywhere you can

it’s just another blockade

another stop

something else to struggle through as you no longer feel like you can survive

The End

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