This Pain

He felt for another and I was heartbroken. It might sound childish but this was back in high school.

This hurts so much. I'm going

crazy right now. I have a knot in

my stomach and a ripped heart. Just

today you broke it by letting me

know that you don't love me. 


I don't understand how could you

hurt me like this. I'm fallin'  apart

now, the wound is so deep. You made me

feel so special, and now knowing

that I'm not anymore I just wanna



You love her, I know you do. I can

see it in your eyes. She is very lucky

to be having someone I'll never

have forever. Don't worry, I don't

hate her. I just hate myself for

messing things up with you. I just don't

understand why won't you

give me another change. 


You know I love you and I'll

always will. You're so special to me,

you make my life complete. I

gotta admit you're the love of my

life, my soul mate, the perfect

man. I am so sure of that. I like you

so much but I don't wanna

fall in love with you. I'm already

hurt this much. 



My love for you can't be this strong,

it will kill me more. Baby, I never felt

this way before. Please take this

pain away from me. Please let me breathe.

You're everything to me. I don't think I'll

be able to live without you. 

This pain won't go away that easily

knowing that my soul mate, the man

I wanna spend the rest of my life

with is gone. Why does it have to

hurt so much, I can't lose you. Oh no!

 I am loosing you and I don't think

is gonna be alright.

The End

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