This Pain--

This is really intense and deep. I wrote this out of a really bad place.

Make this pain go away

the more I fight it

the worse it gets

I am so sick of this pain

I'm becoming tired of cutting

this one single vein

The scar gets worse

just telling the story

of my life's one curse

I feel the depth of stares

trying to remind myself that

they don't care

They look, they talk

but they don't understand me

nor do they understand life

Make these sick souls


please oh please

let this thick cloud clear

I'm no ones muse

I'm no ones toy

I've been abused

many times by a boy

You don't get me

you never will

You don't understand my pain

So if I must give me

my life's bill

I am so sick of this pain

I can no longer cry

for my tears are completely drained 

The End

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