This One's For You

A dedication to those who have got me so, so unfathomably wrong. To those who get me I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

You all watch me,

A huge crowd who is standing open mouthed.

Everyone scathingly scrutinises

I don't have a problem with this.

I am flattered,



There's you then there's me,

Don't you understand the concept of individuality?

We can play a dirty game of tennis,

I hit out my court love,

In return you retort with

A torrent of negative juice.

Forget this,

I'd rather lose.


The rumour mill treads twenty to the dozen,

Well in actual fact babes,

Your never getting any,

I would rather make love to your non existant cousin.


You spy and suspect,

Lie and chat chit chat,

Everyone of my photo's are viewed,

Every status reviewed

By the bleeding mafia- you would think.

I'm surprised you haven't pitched me for that show..

Have I Got News For You.


Go on, carry on making me out to be

A cotton headed Barbie

With no morals or respite

For her dear family.


Please rememer you don't know a thing about me,

Judging before knowing

Is like eating butter without toast.

However I'm not here to write this and gloat.

That's your style,

Which I'm deeming vile.


I am so incredibly nice you see,

I am dedicating a poem to you,

From me.

I shouldn't give you the satisfaction of an answer to your lies,

But you did bring this on yourself guys.


I respect myself more than you will ever know,

You can look but not touch,

One day I will take the world by storm so much,

It's going to make your little faces wince and then blush.


The End

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