This Old Lady

A woman looks into an 'obviously' broken mirror only to discover an old lady looking back at her.

This old lady stared at me
Her hair a greyish-blue,
Crow's feet danced around her eyes
Where once had been my youth.

She raised a hand to her throat
Deeply spotted now with age,
And emitted a low, hungry growl
I felt was filled with rage.

She fumbled with her pajama top
That held more wrinkles than her face.
It was extremely evident that this lady
Was not growing old with grace.

She pointed a crooked finger
Gnarled and bent with time.
Taunting and teasing me
With no reason or rhyme.

As I reached to smooth the hair
That had been tousled in my dreams
This old lady did just the same
Why'd she have to be so mean?

I began to scrutinize her every move
This old lady was just like me!
She had stolen my identity
Who else could she be?

This obviously broken mirror
mimicked her sadly shaking head
Reflecting on the past is Hell
Damn, I'm going back to bed!

The End

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