This Morning

a poem i wrote sitting in uni, as per usual, this is for my amazing fiance. hope you lik.

When you woke up this morning what did you see,

was it something worth living for, worht fighting for, was it me.


Did you wake up and think, how much luckier could I be. Thinking,

thank god you and I eventually managed to become we.


Did you wawke up this morning and see the rest of your life,

or was it empty and not worth giving a try.


Was it good, was it bad, were you alone without me,

was it something you enjoyed, did it make you miss me.


What was it like knowing, I'll always have you, knowing that,

every time I wake up, I thank god I love you.


Do you know how much it hurts, knowing I have to wait to see you,

to know that every day will drag by, until I wake up again with you.


Do you know it's pointless, prettty much every word I say,

that despite each word, i'll love you till my dying day.


What was it like, knowing that in time we will be, once again

together forever, just little old you and little old me.


The End

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