This May's Promise

I'm giving up alcohol for 1 month

Today is May
and it marks the day
I begin a spree
to be alcohol free.

Instead of beer
I will drink green tea
or water
or coffee
or apple cider  
Or whatever my body is tugging on me
and saying, "this would be just perfect."

Follow your heart;
Not the stubble-stoned,
senses on your skin.

Even those which sprout from your chest 
may be tinted with false longing,
a desire rooted
in dreading change.
One that always looks retro-past-backwards
into what feeeeeeeels or has felt 
"so nice"
as a nice afternoon cigarette 
or a nice white beer
on a day with nice bright sunny weather

What I'm living now is an unlocking
of some metal chains which pinned my soul to my flesh.
It salted my eyes
and made my skin red
with hemmoraging blossoms.

What I'm drawing now
in this dear month of May
is a messy line to pick apart
sleeping habit from the heart.

The End

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