This love is treacherous

"I stayed in a psych ward for a few days because of breakdowns I keep having. I cut a lot and deep. I didn't have music, facebook, no electronics while I was staying in the hospital...all I had were a pen and pieces of paper to spill ink all over"- Amanda Day

(Feb 10th, 12:20 P.M)

Lies never tasted so good,

never melted so sweet,

a perfect sunset in the bare eve,

never did the dawn of day yell at me,

don't close your eyes,

safe and sound,

you'll be alright,

the dawn of eve sings of sins and truths,

never before did

the Raven look so black,

never did the crow caw so


so loved,

as a feather falls from the sky,

the petals dance on her lips,

this day dream is dangerous,

I love it

The End

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