This is Your Mind

I've been complimented on my work, I've read other's work, and I've found something intriguing. None of us started writing, being who we are, just because we could. We've been through sadness, painful moments, heartaches, hurt. Yet we've been though, happiness, joy, smiles, and a good laughs. We are the writers, we are authors because of what we've been through. This is why I made this poem.

I am a writer that’s where I am proud

Yet I don’t try to get too loud

I’ve had a past that demolished my mind

Now I’ve built myself hard to find


I am not alone; I’m not the only one

In fact, I believe, there is quite a ton

Meteors have fallen; they’ve hit us all

And you act like it is your fall


It hurts, I know, I’ve been there too

It’s something that we must go all through

Specifically the ones who create

The ones who open imagination’s gate


It isn’t your end; it isn’t your fall

You are instead above them all

It still aches and it never goes away

But it’s worth it for others to know your way


So smile even if you’re not known

Even if words hit to your bone

What matters is that you’ve accepted your mind

And you’ve left people something to find

The End

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