This Is War

Where there is thunder there’s lightning

Where there’s war there’s fighting

I can’t help but say it’s a little bit exciting


They’re igniting

Wow, good timing

Truth is, there’s no trust without lying


Break a bone

Break the law

Humpty dumpty broke his fall


Like a nail

Screw them all

Hello, why did you call?


Can you release all the pain and the tension?

Why did you flinch when I mentioned your name?


It’s not the fortune, it’s the fame

That lion that you can’t tame

The picture without a frame


A lost item without a claim

Flip it over, is there a name?


No, they’re unknown

Raw-cut, straight up

Bad to the bone


He’s a soldier

He stands up for what he believes

He’s never down

Unless he’s praying on his knees


This is a battle

This is a war

We can’t give you less till you beg for more


If you weren’t color blind you’d know I’m feeling blue

Sherlock Holmes didn’t even have the slightest clue


Like a rotten apple

Bad to the core

You already know what this is


This is war




The End

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