This is the way ....

How to bake a cake!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Who cares!  Does it
matter?  Well, actually, yes!

To do something right we must start at the beginning,

If we do not we have no hope of winning.


So, how then? You ask me, do we know where to start?

To do something well, my dear friend, is an art,

You must do it right if you want to succeed,

So listen to me and we will learn the first part.


When baking a cake you must have what you need

A cake with no eggs would not taste good you see.

You need sugar and butter, go on mix them together,

When that is all creamy refer to your book.


Separate the eggs, the white from the yolk;

Oh dear, that look, do you think that’s a joke?

No really, like this, it’s easy you see,

Now whisk those whites stiff, c’mon it’s a breeze


Fold in the whites and whip up the yolks

Sift in the flour and whizz in the blender.

Baking a cake is not hard you can tell

Scoop out the mix to the tin over there.


You ask what’s the point? 
Buy one off the shelf!

But wouldn’t you rather try and do it yourself?

Pop it in the oven, leave it to bake

In half an hour we will all eat cake!

The End

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