This Is Not The Life I Was Sold

This is not the life I was sold.

I was told that sex would be an orgasmic experience, films taught me that,

Not a virginial fumble that would take time to master.

I was told that happiness was a life we'd all be divulged in,

not that we'd have to find happiness in whichever situation we were cornered in.

I was not told that I'd have to sell my soul for many hours a week,

In exchange for the maintenance by body took upon this earth.

I was not told that sadness was to be seen, it was merely a melodramatic headline incurred from a writers dream,

I was not told that true love was to be expected, for people give their lives to someone who never earned it.

I was told life was a huge adventure,

But it hides behind uncertain roads.

This was not the life I was sold.

The End

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