A Cage That is Holding My Heart

There is something about this world we live in,

Sometimes I feel I don't fit in,

It's like a bird stuck in a cage,

Trying to follow the other birds but they flew away,

They left me all alone,

in that cage without them,

The birds flew high above the sky,

Without me by their side.


Soemtimes when I'm alone I think,

That it's the only where and when I can be me,

And that cage that's holding my heart won't even budge,

It's too strong for my strength to change,

I'm trying to show myself,

But this world we live in doesn't help.


I need to stop,

Think, am I being myself?

Is this right of just the stuff from everyone else?

It's hard to stand alone in the light by yourself,

Trust me; I've done it myself,

But will I do it to be myself?


Standing up is the hard part,

But it's healthiest for our hearts,

Especially mine that's been,

Torn and ripped apart.

The End

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