Who am I?

Where darkness is the light and stillness is dance
pride is humility,
and the past no longer illuminates the future-
I am lost

Like a nightingale that sings in solitude
And a single candle that burns at night-
I am alone

And I am afraid.

I’m afraid of falling,
Afraid of not falling-

What if I stand up high and everyone else is gone? 

So I give up
And I regret.
And every minute of every day I think-
What if I had been different?
What if I had made the right choice?
Would I still be the way I am?

Would I still be me?

 They say weakness isn’t a sign of defeat
and giving up isn’t weakness;

 A wise man chooses his battles
And a foolish one fights them all.

 What am I?       

I know that it’s time to move on,
Time to know when to stop;
but I can’t
because I know that
even if I don’t go very far
or reach very high
I’ll still use my broken wings
And learn how to fly. 

The End

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