I'm sorry

It’s the end of everything that I was,

Sometimes, you’ve got to do what you think is right
and damn the consequences.

 The beginning of the real me;

It’s lonely. To be more powerful than any man you know
and have to live like a shadow.
to be special and have to pretend you’re a fool.

I’m not who you think me to be.

Forget everything else! You have to follow what is right.

I’m coated in your illusions. Wrapped in your lies.

But I’ve never believed another.

 I’ve tried to drown my troubles.

You’re lucky that I can swim

 I’m not worth the pain; the wait. Undeserving of the prize.

Yet the prize remains mine to give. 

You don’t know what it’s like to be an outsider.
to be ashamed of how you were born; to hide who you are. 

You feel forsaken in a million crowd.
an outcast wandering alone.

I can’t explain this power to overcome the pain.

 You’ll survive,
feeling strong

But for how much longer?  

You want me to suffer as you suffered.
know what it is like to be alone and afraid;
to be disgusted with
Who and What you are.

All I ever wanted was to be your equal;
to be worth your tears.

I missed you.

 I loved you.


I’m sorry.

The End

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