This is How I Remember You

I wrote this poem after the death of a classmate.

This is how I remember you...

A beaming light, a beautiful hue

You, a new 'breath of fresh air' soul

Showed me how to live life

By it's natural flow

This is how I remember you...

The boy who was always willing to put

A smile on someone's face

When they were blue

Your jokes, your sweetness, you laughter

Are all what made me look forward

To the day after

Now that you're gone

Things will never be the same

But, I plan to hit 'play' and

Resume this game

Also known as life

This is how I remember you...

The one who impacted so many lives

One of them including mine

You have touched me deep in my heart

A place where everything about you

Will never part

This is how I remember you...

A person who this world needed

And who those greatly appreciated

You were here for a reason

You were part of every season

I want to know why its come to and end

That one thought I cannot fend

All I know, is that to have you in my life

Has been a true inspiration

You have changed not only my life

But so many others for the better

And in our hearts you will always matter

This is how I remember you...

The special person we all grew to love...

And the one who will be our hardest


We love you Cody, all of us

You were such a blessing

A treasure

And to know you was

A true pleasure

The End

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