this is for

this is for the light

at the end of the tunnel

that's always too far away.

this is for tears

gone unspoken and unshed

because you're/i'm/we're all scared.

this is for those women

out there who can't fight

for themselves, can't save themselves from-

this is for those who wear

their scars like a badge,

wear them like the story they are, you don't have to flaunt it.

this is for children

who grow up never knowing

if anyone loves them.

this is for the overweight,

because it's hard,

even when only you sees the fat.

this is for those who struggle

through panic attacks

alone, unseen, undocumented.

and this is for those who have to hide

who/what they are,

for whatever reason.

this is for me,

this is for them,

this is for you.


The End

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