This is A Story

This is a story,
A story of not one but two
A story of two friends
Best friends as of fact

They grow together a little each day
They have so much to say
They care so much

His heart is pure and kind
He is so sweet and caring
He doesn't realize that he means the world to her
His smile is so warming
While his eyes are welcoming
He loves like no other she knows
She thinks of him often
He never seems to leave her mind
She trust him with her life
Which is big for her since her past isn't the best
He never jugdes her
He always wants to help her

She loves him a whole bunch
She wants him to ne safe and happy
She will, no matter what, be there for him

Together the survived the end of the world
They don't fear anything tthat the devil throws at them
Knowing that their God is with them
Their faith is strong

Their story is not yet finished
For they must write what happens next
Only they will know the next section

This is story,
A story of not one but two....

The End

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