This feeling

Feeling this feeling once more,

I sigh and sink down to the floor,

I try not to cry,

But as hard as I try,

Inevitably, my eyes become sore.

Feeling this feeling again,

My hands trace the scar on my vein,

I burst into tears,

I've become what I feared,

I'm addicted to easing my pain!

Feeling this feeling always,

Hoping for happier days,

Hurting inside,

Trying to hide,

No longer listening to what anyone says.

Feeling this feeling is hard,

 I'm feeling like I've lost my guard,

I said how I feel,

Your tears were too real,

I can't share them again with such little regard.

Feeling this feeling alone,

I'm fighting this fight on my own,

I cannot erase,

The look on your face,

When I told you this feeling had grown.

Feeling this feeling is life,

Shaddowed by the reaper's sythe,

I'm not getting stronger,

Can't take this much longer,

I'm feeling the feeling that is ceased by the knife.

The End

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