This Entire Time

A broken-hearted kind of poem...

Looking at the stars tonight
I wonder if you see them shining
You don't seem to be interested
So now I'm here crying

I'm tired of always waiting
For you to come around
My eyes are growing tired
I'm lost and waiting to be found

I want to know where you are
I want to know what you're doing
What is it that you were looking for?
What were you pursuing?
I guess I'm not the one you want
I guess I was just a mistake
You didn't really love me
I'm always giving, you always take
But can't you see how hard I've tried,
How hard I've been trying?
I still find it hard to believe
That this entire time you've been lying.

Looking at the ticking clock, time is passing by so slow.
Can't you see that I loved you?
Tell me, did it show?
You can't say you didn't know.

You've been lying this entire time.
I wonder if I'll ever be fine... 

The End

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