This EarthMature

This Earth is about my inner-self, probably trying to analyze my life in a poetry way.

This was me 
I was rough, 
always running, 
rainy and rusty, 
rhymed like an ugly song.

This was me
I took risk, 
I was a pessimist,
lived for darkness,
slept on a ruthless sun,
my tears burnt like HF acid.

This was me
I did what I wanted to,
spoke for no one, 
because I trusted no one 
(They ate my soul behind my back).
I rode a lone, 
killed all my fake friendships and 
let them died on the dirty roads.

This was me
I stood for nothing,
not from the rich’s bible,
none from the greatest philosophers,
I created my own blood, 
lived in my own world,
worked for my own destiny
because this was me.

This was me
I dreamed of real peace, 
seeking of true freedom, 
if there was none on the outside, 
there had to be some from the inside.

This was me
stuck within dusts
lingered amongst universes
those loves might be nothing to me
those enemies could be senseless to my earth
but to this ‘bird’, ‘faith’ was more than everything.

The End

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