This Crown is Covered In Rust

I've always been a stranger to this world around me
Stuck on my own path, on my own wavelength
So to speak
With an ego filled beyond capacity
From countless times trying to understand everyone at once
Trying to find a solution very few can believe exists

My heart is flowing with inflated sympathy
And most of the time, that beat never takes a break
Your metallic war chimes against the wind that is my voice
That abrasive, unrelenting wind
And call me crazy for my opinions, go ahead
Call me unrealistic, call me a dreamer
But you're just another stagnant voice that falls on these deaf ears

My glass is not half filled, half empty, or somewhere else in between
Its stained, cracked, and still fulfilling its purpose
Still performing the task of holding what it was burdened to hold
So why is it so easy for you to label things as 'this' or 'that'?
Why is everything a one way street with you?
And why don't you tell me what happens when you're wrong?
Because there's no right in ignorance and assumption

Why don't you take a look at all of these glasses in the hands of aching people
And tell me what state they're in.
Tell me, if you believe those hands are feeling lucky.
Tell me, do you really think 'it is what it is'?
Don't give me your philosophy on how this life works

Don't try to convince me to join your blindside
You have no side, only a mouthpiece for chanting the notes of a broken record
You're alone when it comes to my judgement
You don't deserve the time to charm, choose and spit
Like you always do, given the opportunity.

I'm done
With people like you,
With ideas that are corrosive to the very fabric you said you'll sew shut
I'm done
With your slithering tongue taunting us from behind a curtain
With your consistent use of Good like a tool for engineered deprivation

You're sly, I must admit
And very lucky to have gotten this far
But I'm not like the rest
I'm not a set of hands for you to direct
A set of ears for you to cover
And a set of eyes to express your new shiny objects
I'm not anyone you know, not anyone you can sing to
I'm a stranger in these parts
And your house of cards will fall with the slightest breath.

The End

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