This Angel of Coal

As the angel spoke from above

To find this path is to fall from all other lifes

A Search for a place where all sorrows thrives

To step through this gate, is to die and be born old

The heart in your soul can no longer be beating cold

Of raging flames this fortress must be enhold


As the chanting storm grew deep

He pulled a shallow sigh indeed

Whatever you'll become, you shall walk this step

And hear a thousand shrieking mouths


As the dying chants faded once more

He took me to this endless shore

Whatever you'll meet, you shall walk these steps

And side with me


As the tide no longer came

My stride faded to a slow and steady pace

As hopeless as this fragmented epoch I must face

Watching this still beating heart of the oldest forest

So wondering how could anyone cause this molest

The horror of man is what I greatly detest


As the faint flicker of the tail

He eyed me to no avail

Wherever you'll go, you shall walk without fear

And remember this oath that is forged


As the ashes starts to spread

He spoke in my head

Whenever your time ends, you shall fade aswell

And side with me


This angel of coal, he told me so

The End

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