this aches, the definite dysphoria of summer and period and a female bodyMature

listen, half the world's population gets it. it's not that big of a deal.

dysphoria's a bitch

as it kicks up to high power 
it's period week and the cravings tear at my self-esteem 
my chest feels like a weight strapped to my ribs 
and i want to tear at my skin

i want to become nothing at all 

just implode 
blow up into a million pieces until i pull into myself and disappear from the world 
maybe then i wouldn't feel like this

like this is not my body not my body 
i am not safe in my skin 

this is a warzone inside my brain 
rattling angrily 
it tells me i am broken i am wrong 
something shifts inside of me and i dig my hands into the softness of my stomach

it makes a home inside of me and i don't want to be here anymore
just want to be something else something that is nothing

i am falling in love with the void 

learning to teach myself to become less 
to become anything that doesn't hurt this much

i am falling in love with the void the way you fall in love with what you want to be. 

The End

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