Thinking Back About You...

Our talks aren't what they used to be,
even if they still last as long as they used to.
Our hearts open up a bit less,
We're less concerned about each other's life's mess,
Am I at fault (for putting distance between us) or is it because of you?

You made the stars shine,
Together we used to watch the sun as it rose and set.
Now all that shines is the cell phone screen with a text from you-
all that rises is a pool of tears,
The storm rages outside, it rains (and pains) inside my heart,
Nestled in the coccoon of my home and my body, I still get wet.

The words I said- you wanted to believe(and you were right!) were not true.
You said I didn't understand you- and may be you were right,
or else,
why would I be afraid of (falling in love with) you?

The End

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