Think Yourself A King?

You act like some sort of god,

Lost in your own self-righteousness,

Engulfed by your arrogance,

Surrounded by your radiating ignorance,

So go ahead,

Touch my lips with your filthy hands King Midas,

So That I'll be firmly set with hating you,

Then look at the mirror King Midas,

See what you've become,

Your throne will surely crumble,

Your palace will break at the seems,

This empty world you've built for yourself,

Will shatter in the mirror that harvests your dreams,

So kiss me once more King Midas,

Taste the bitterness that came from your lips,

Then brush away the memory of me King Midas,

Just wipe that smug grin off your face,

You've poisoned everything you touched King Midas,

You've poisoned me,

You've poisoned the others...

And now;

You've poisoned yourself.

You've turned everything you touched into gold King Midas,

You touched my heart,

You touched the stain of my love that lingered on your lips,

It was fools gold King Midas,

Aren't you the fool?

The End

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