Think Of You Later

After every day,

I now confess,

I'll always have that lingering thought

Those pictures of you and I rotate in my head

The way you make me feel every night

I think of you later

My words, thoughts and love

Flood my empty room

No matter what, wherever I am

I think of you later

I make every minute count when I'm with you

Then I'll remember later

After everything, I know I now hate "goodbyes"

Because I'll make sure it's a "see you later"

Just think of this later

I always think of you later

Think of you later in my empty thoughtful room

Where I hope you know

Where I fall asleep all alone

Just to think of you now,

I smile knowing I'll think of you later

Guess this is my way of saying:

"You'll never leave my mind"

The End

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