When you ruminate and are unable to stop the chattering

You think-
and you think and you think and you think-
until you're nowhere-and somewhere-on the brink-
of seeking repair and preservation from a shrink-
that still doesn't cut it so you find salvage in the clink-
of heavy whiskey against beer
add cocaine - you'll be in the clear
of feeling kinked in perception
sense your wit shrink with each blink

This silence will only be short lived-
enjoy this deception
where you're free to gather your collection
of all the wonders that loomed as a kid-
carefree without baggage
every nook and cranny was but novelty-
ah the bliss-
of every warm felt kiss-
you gained in absorbing your surroundings-
every grain of sand astounding
nothing short of confounding

When you awake-
you will feel a resounding smack to the face-
the chattering resumes
you feel no choice but to entomb
the rattling voices-the fucked up choices
the self loathe- the self blame
with more whiskey and lines of cocaine.

The End

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