Little Miss Harvard

I was reading a poem the other day, called 'Miss Harvard' (it's a good poem, I'd suggest reading it) and one comment said that they'd like to see one where she was successful and became a brain surgeon. Kidding, I'm sure, but my brain gave me this soon after. Enjoy!

Little Miss Harvard went to school,

She studied hard and did real well.

She played hockey and swam in the pool.

She was punctual, always came when the bell

Rang, hurried to class every day.

She graduated early, impressive indeed,

And could do what she may.

A shortage of surgeons, oh my! But she fulfilled that need,

Aspired to become a brain surgeon,

And she could do that because her grades were amazing, wonderful,

 Little Miss Harvard burgeoned.

Then she got married, became Mrs. Harvard. She had been pulled

Towards a kind man, and settled down with her faithful husband.

He never kissed another, not even when covered by the corporation,

He harbored all his love for her, while she sat as he fed her almonds,

While fanning her face with praise and adoration.

Her children were flawed but tried their hardest, no perjury,

And she loved them. She came in first for her nation

With her skill for surgery.

No dust collected on that beating heart of hers,

For she used it to encompass her family,

No splotches, no blurs

On that perfect life.  So Amelia

(That was her name, after all)

She was successful and proud,

She stood tall, and refused to fall.

Mrs. Amelia Harvard smiled,

She loved her husband and kids, as you see,

She had worked hard for this, and was not at all mild.

Little Mrs. Harvard was happy.

The End

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