We HappenedMature

I have a thousand and one words that I want to say to you, but I can’t speak long enough to say them. I can’t focus long enough to form them into something beautiful that you won’t hate me for saying. But I suppose that in the end, the only things that matter were the things we felt, because the words we spoke will only be forgotten. So I guess in the scheme of things, it didn’t really matter, or does it? The love mattered. It changed my life, and I suppose it might’ve changed yours.We happened. We were something more than either of us had ever planned. More than we had thought was possible. We happened, we were, and now we're not. And....that's okay. What we were was...one of those things that just happened to exist. And we were beautiful. We were perfect. But sometimes, you wake up, and the dream bleeds away into reality....and things change. Things always change. Its up to us to remember the times when things were how we wanted them. Sure, those moments of beautiful, unforgettable love don't define everything that we were. But they are what I remember most about you and me. And so they are what matter most, even if the things that stick out the most are the bad times. I choose to remember the good, the great, the wonderful. I choose to remember the first time I told you I loved you, and how that moment felt. I choose to remember the magic of loving you, and I hope you choose to remember that too. 


Things change. It doesn't always end how you wanted it to. It doesn't always stay in your mind the way it really was. The memory gets distorted; but for now, our memory is clear. I've gotten past my anger and sadness, and I've begun to see you for what you were. You were my life boat, you saved me when I didn't know what I needed to be saved from. I wish I knew how you were, at least a simple hello. You don't have to trust me- I don't deserve that. But I would love to be able to keep my promise to you. To be there for you, to still love you, whether we're together or not. I doubt you'll read this, but if you do, thank you.  For everything. 

The End

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