Sitting on the living room floor,
thinking about all the ways
that the world has changed
and how the next two months and two days
will be the days that will change my entire life;

Arms around my waist-
kisses on my neck,
movie nights and city lights
and eyes filled with love,
erasing all my doubt.

I’m in love again.

It’s hard to think that after everything,
my heart can be filled with
so much reassurance,
of who I am and what I mean
to someone other than me-
and I can’t help but to imagine

that we’re in love now.

And I can’t let myself think
about the things that I’ve done,
or the sadness will settle in
and cover me up
with rain and storms and insecurities
and I’m tired of feeling down,
rain clouds stealing away
my sunny days
and I’m tired of regretting
because it only sends me deeper
into the dark,

let your light shine-
down on me.
let the love grow-
into something more.
tell me the things that-
only our two hearts will know
and let me-
show you all the ways that-
I will love you
and never let you go.

promises are only words but
if you show me,
i’ll show you-
the way the world can change.

The End

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