I'm Here For YouMature

We don’t fit together-
We’re two separate puzzle pieces cutting away at our edges
waiting for the day until theres nothing left and we fit,
molded together, melting into the same puddle
of hopes
and I don't care that they say that you are no good for me,
and that I'm too young to know what anything means,
that love to me can only be a senseless game;
I don't care if they don't approve,
you’re the only reason my head is on straight,
the only reason blood still pulses through my veins.
I'm sorry that I can be so stupid-
I'm sorry that I'm trying so hard to make things like they used to be
even though I know it never can nor will.
But I'm still trying, wanting, needing you
hoping that I'm not pushing you away from me; 

Because I’d give my live for you,
if you wanted it.
I’ll devote every minute of my day to you,
every second being passed with the thought of you,
every hour filled to the brim with my needing you, wanting you, missing you-
But I can’t save you from the things that happen to exist,
the things that drag you into the dark abyss
of your mind-
I just don’t know how to make my light shine
anymore, and I’m trying, working to to get the flame
that you ignited in my heart to beam bright enough
to light your darkest days.
I want to wash away your pain,
and cleanse you of your fears,
but I’m no superhero, I can’t swoop down and save the day,
but I can be here for you,
and I will always be here for you,
even when you don’t need me to.

The End

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