Dear Andy,Mature

Lift me up when I am broken,
limp and tired, feet dragging, heart open-

Lift me up when I refuse to need you,
hold my hand even though I yank it away,
Give me your love to drink, and your heart to feast,
Show me that you’d really give me your everything-
show me, show me that your love for me is real.

Take me in your arms, hold me til the tears stop
rolling down these cracked porcelain cheeks,
till the spinning begins to cease
and I can see clearly
that you are the one for who I exist,

Until the world spins off its top,
take me in your arms, and hold me tight,
Even when the world threatens to end,
and the sky is falling down around us,
love me, love me,
and please don’t let me go.

The End

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