Endless GardenMature

Spiderweb door knob,reaching out,
cling, cling to your closet secrets,if you want to,
cling to the pretty skeletons outlined in pretty pink
bleeding all over the the pretty carpet,
staining,painting pretty pretty pictures
of love and death, of peace fighting war;
of the world making its bed in the palm of your hand
however you spin it is the way it turns,
but you’re afraid of the influence your gravitational
desire has on the unsuspecting heart of the fly,
flying into the web of your self deception,
so you hide-
you hide in the tortoise shell of your broken past,
hoping,praying, conjuring ghosts
from the ribcage of your forgotten dreams.
you hallucinate the hate, unwilling to let yourself be loved,
but let it go,let love grow,
a magic beanstalk growing right through your walls,
tearing down your insecurities.
Let your skeleton thin hopes dance in the sunshine now,
for you have found a home.
Lay your keys down, now,
let the secrets sleep.
let your past failures die,
and move on, walk into the endless garden of futures
with your head held high, with the sun at your back warming your skin,
and a hand with fingers knitted between yours,
leading you through.

The End

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